is no longer possible. (4000 or 40000), 400 may be injection duration in °CR in which case the factor is 0.023437. The numbers will all change to your new number, 850 in this example. Don’t panic. If you want the EDC15 figures to look more like EDC16 figures you use an offset of -78. Windows XP - Win7-32. (E.g. (Start of Injection maps are. 00000 after 00016 in the. where-ever you have your saved file and click open. If this happens, something is wrong with your selection. Winols automatically finds map axes data when the data is in an obvious place. If you read temperature in degrees Kelvin then you just need to set the Factor to 0.1 and 4000, Most of us read temperature in degrees Celsius so we need a conversion “offset”, To convert from °K to °C you have to take away 273. Duration and Start of Injection etc, harder to find. A 3D preview window makes it easier to find Om de gegevens aan te passen staan u verschillende functionaliteiten … After a few seconds your file name will appear in the left hand window. when you have the selection lined up properly. E.g. This can be confusing because the 3D map will always contain the highlighted Z axis numbers but. Automatic search of ECU and software numbers. This will be followed by a series of little bumps as shown above. 13 will be 00013 and 16 will be 00016. 4000 may be % so again the Factor will be 0.01 and offset 0.000000. Winols doesn’t highlight the X and Y axes in the hexdump. Take your best guess at the beginning and end of the map. A new screen will appear asking you to give details of the file. Numbers that were 850 anyway, will be black. It will be in a new pop up window. So it is obvious. BDM 100, BSL100 and OLS300, as well It should read 3, 4, 5, 6 etc not 300, 400,So you might want to change the factor to 0.01. If everything has worked perfectly it will look like the picture below. You are looking for a potential map like the one highlighted in YELLOW below. You will need to change that for some values, but not this one. The main reason why people want to learn to use Winols, is because they want to change the maps. I'm looking to do my own remapping of my 306 HDi. Double click the map to open the “Properties” pop up. I've download the Demo version of WinOLS. If you have a single file, you probably want the first one (Binary), If your file looks like two files, you want the second one. We add new mappacks every day. EGR 1 in the picture above is 13 columns by 16 rows and is shown in the left hand window as 13 x. Hopefully you know how to find your EGR map in Winols. coded and have swapped lines or be sent It often finds some good obvious ones, some useless ones and some that are not maps at all. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The actual hexdump will appear in the large right hand window. (SMOKE MAP), I.Q LIMITED BY MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE (SMOKE MAP). It. You can leave the Preview window open all the time if you want. By using DLL Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. In this case it is 850. Using your keyboard, hold down Ctrl key and press left or right direction key. (Remember -30°CR. It is harder when the Axes pointers are not next to each other. Winols should have automatically set some parameters for you according to the opened file. So the offset is -273. and 400 becomes 400 –. Automatic processor detection to distinguish them down on the map list makes efficient Every time you use “w” or “m”. Check that it has identified the ECU producer. The 2er license enables the usage in one company. X axis: Injection Quantity in milligrams per stroke. 12345 could be 12.345 grams per stroke for mass air flow. Support for the latest hardware such as A 3D image of the potential map will open. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Eg. Scientists measure temperature in degrees Kelvin (°K) and so do ECU programmers. and start address will be “greyed out”. If you do this on a PD engine you often get a fault code warning on the dash. You want to change the whole map, so every number is 850. Double click the 3D map to get the Properties box. These cookies do not store any personal information. With luck, Winols has automatically entered numbers onto the axes. Click Ok to create your new project. Winols Full v4.34 от 11.10.2019 доступна для владельцев лицензии (Прайс на форуме) Winols DEMO v4.33 от 10.10.2018 — доступна для всех Functions to search for maps and to put This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It makes it easier to search and find maps, which can be named, displayed in several ways and be modified. factor is used for Injection start and injection duration. Winols will have changed the hexdump value to the correct value of 08500. You will never learn about Winols and maps if you try to rely on the automatic search. The map will appear in a new window in text form with the usual text/2D/3D options. 00013 is followed by 13 gradually increasing numbers from 00000 to 05100. A good tip is to look at the numbers in each row. 8 x 10. This has been resized to fill the whole right hand window in the picture below. In some Hexdumps, this is found just before the Hexdump address 32043 or 31455. So 400 will be 400 x, At this point things get more confusing. If Winols can’t find the map axes data it simply uses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc for the axes. It will probably open in text view. These project files hold all information obtained in the course of processing of a given controller. BTDC) PRECISION. WinOLS is an application, which is written especially to modify the memory contents of ECUs. One Factor that gives everyone a real headache is that for Degrees Crankshaft Rotation (°CR). Numbers that have been changed will be red. The figures are negative as they are ATDC. This will show the EGR map pop-up window. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Set “Values” to what ever is on the main “Map properties” page. If you click on Potential maps, a list of Auto discovered maps will appear. It often finds some good obvious ones, some useless ones and some that are not maps at all. It means something is wrong in one or more of the properties. just before or. That is the limiter. You will see the grid. (Ignore the two faint yellow ones on the left). these. All data and maps are stored in project files. Set the data tab to decimal and type in the address. This is the best first change to attempt. This information is hiding in the hexdump. Making changes to the ECU maps can be very dangerous to your engine, so be very careful. 16 bit HILO). Sometimes there may be 10 similar maps, all with the same axes. If you change to 3D view it will look like the “preview” window. (It’s easier to find the end in TEXT view). Maps can be easily shown as 3D/2D chart or as a table. Winols cannot identify all maps automatically. All data and maps are stored in project … 32043. You will still need to change “Description”, “Unit” and “Factor” if you haven’t done it yet. To change the data, different functions are available to edit the maps. The first “map properties” page (shown in the picture above) is for title and Z axis so the Z axis details go here. At the bottom of the picture you will see: Text, 2D & 3D. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. (Two binary files eg HiLow. ATDC) with a factor of 0.023437. 2250 but the last one is 2350. 00016 is followed by 16 gradually increasing numbers from 00000 to 03612. So now you can go through the “Properties” pop up and fill in the details for Map properties, Z axis and name. You will never. File Version Date Access; WinOLS for WinXP SP3, Vista, Win7 (32+64 bit), Win8.1 (32+64 bit), Win10 (32+64 bit) 4.51 : 13.1.2021 : registered customers only Any auto discovered maps will have an outline drawn round them along with a name and two. To change the data, different functions are available to edit the maps. If you switch to 3D view you will see that any original values on the graph are black and the changes you have made are red. This will change 8000, 9000, 10,000 into 800, 900, 1000 etc. You can line the grid up with the start of the trace, at the point (top), or at the end of the trace. ATDC is the same as 30°CR. If your map looks exactly how you expect in terms of shape, axes labels, axes scales then you have finished one map. That way the EGR will stay shut and not recirculate exhaust gases. Any changes you made in the map will be automatically made in the “hexdump”. I.Q LIMITED BY MASS AIR FLOW. It facilitates the searching and finding of maps, When this happens, winols uses 1, 2, 3, 4 etc on the axes for X and Y. 00016 and 00013 are followed by 16 cells from 00000 to 03612 and then 13 cells from 00000 to. Check to make sure that the Values box is the same as the main toolbar setting.. “16 bit LOHI” in this example, Check the Number format box is the same as the main toolbar setting. Also huge database of super mappacks (damos) and rare japan cars mappacks is available. This one has a wide bar at each end. It is usually about 800-1000. If you are familiar with “2D graphs, the 3D map may be a bit confusing. Open Winols as usual and open your project. Motorola-Hexfiles All types can be zipped, the interface language and switch between It facilitates the searching and finding of maps, which can then be named and viewed in different ways and changed. between program and data area. A common change that people want to make is to remove the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) function. You can often spot a temperature axis because it contains the numbers similar to 273, 263 and 253. Click the RED X on the box and it will automatically be saved in the “My maps” section in the left, Sometimes when you change from the 2D view to the text view you don’t get a perfect rectangle. Go to the “Factor” box which reads 1.00000 and change the value to 0.1. This is a step by step guide for WinOLS beginners,and you can check how to use and quote some test cases on my blog.Hope it helps! Unit: mg/stroke Data source, start address, values, number format, signature byte etc are usually automatically entered by Winols. This is the first (top left corner) value of your highlighted selection. It facilitates the searching and finding of maps, which can then be named and viewed in different ways and changed. With the numbers highlighted, go to the toolbar, click “Edit” followed by “change absolute” (or just press the “=” key). Eventually you will find a point where each trace point has a grid line matched with it. This means you will have to find the map axes data and tell Winols where the data is. In the example above, the little bumps are all. Set “Values” to what ever is on the main “Map properties” page. What you are trying to do is produce a set number of columns. The figures are Before Top Dead Center so the map. To change the data, different functions are available to edit the maps. Wie viel Sie für Windows 10 zahlen müssen und wie Sie noch günstiger an das System kommen, erfahren … Open Winols as … 12345 could be 12.345 grams per stroke for fuel Injected Quantity. New Genius OBD Flashing tool SLAVE (Tool)Promotion offer! New Trasdata Position Frame Adapter KIT CAR/LCV, New Genius Car, Bike and LCV OBD protocol kit SLAVE, More than 15.000 files available on our server, Stage 1 file + Limited map packs with detailed description, Fine tuning also possible on request at our manual individual file service, Different files available (stage 1,2,3, dpf off and more), If your EVC number is correct then a green checkmark will popup next to the field, Most files developed 4X4 single roll dynamometers & road tested, Fast growing number of Limited and Super Mappacks, Follow the steps above to enable WinOLS functionalities, New: Newcomer license with reduced functionality* (no scripts, clients, Reseller seller, OLSx export, mass export). Now your map should have the correct axis numbers displayed for X and Y. Watch this instruction video for more information. It facilitates the searching and finding of maps, which can then be named and viewed in different ways and changed. figures on the map in the range 48 to 78 °CR. The rest of the properties for the map depend on how good you are at recognising the map. as old hardware simulator module OLS200 Look for the highest number. It probably has a name like Bosch 16 bit. EDC16 ecu’s use the same factor (0.023437). As a beginner it is easier to identify any obvious 3D maps and so you may want to stick with the 3D. Sometimes the numbers 00013 and 00016 will be next to each other and sometime not. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 12345 in 16 bit mode, decimal, But will often appear as FOUR digit numbers. The section with 00016 and 00013 may be before or after the map you are looking at. Im- and export of binary files, Intel and At this point it is worth checking the Winols set up. the version used. Look for any kind of pattern. This just tells Winols how many numbers to show AFTER the decimal point. E.g. OR just call it up when you. The axes data will often look like Two spikes well before or well after the map data block. All registered computes must belong to one company. To correct this. This is where auto entry can trip you up…..see later comments. In the, selection above you can see that the top and bottom row cells are all 08500. WinOLS is an application, which is written especially to modify the memory contents of ECUs. ATDC. E.g Bosch and also the ECU build, if possible.